About Us


Rapid Fence is Australia's go-to temporary fencing provider

We are a division of Eastlink Manufacturing, an international leader in temporary fencing supplies. Our promise to customers is high quality products at low costs with superior service.

Offering tailor-made fencing products, the teams at Rapid and Eastlink provide complete fencing solutions for any project.

Rapid Fence and Eastlink stand apart from competitors due to:

  • Rapid Fence's Australia-wide delivery network
  • Eastlink's ability to ship products by the container-load to Rapid Fence
  • In-house manufacturing at Eastlink's offshore plants
  • Made to order options, saving you time and money.

We've got the re-seller market covered

We supply temporary fencing products to the re-seller market. Regional hardware or industrial suppliers who wish to buy our fences and on-sell them to their own companies can rely on us for all of their temporary fencing needs.

Customers of Rapid Fence and Eastlink Manufacturing reap the following benefits:

1. Large stock holdings

Orders are made by the Eastlink team and shipped by the container-load direct from the manufacturing plant to Rapid Fence. For this reason, we have kilometres of fencing on hand, ready for dispatch.

No matter what the size of your order, our warehouses are fully stocked with a variety of Rapid products, enabling us to cater to your business' exact requirements. We eliminate the hassle of tracking down different fencing products, meaning you needn't go anywhere else for your fencing needs – we've got it all covered.

2. Quick and efficient delivery with our wide network

We are committed to delivering orders without delay. Our convenient supplier locations and wide distribution network ensure that lots of stock is ready for fast despatch at all times.

Rapid Fence products are available to buy direct from within Australia, with warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. However, please note that orders cannot be altered as our manufacturing factory is offshore.

3. Savings direct from the manufacturer

If you are a fence hire company, or re-sellers, we understand you need the best quality products at the lowest price to hire out or on-sell to your customers.

Purchasing your fence from Rapid removes the middleman. Working directly with Eastlink saves time and reduces product handling costs.

By dealing directly with us from start to finish, customers are guaranteed product reliability, support and price consistency.

4. Improved cash flow

Purchasing fencing products as you need them (rather than waiting 60 days to have it shipped to you) will help improve your business cash flow. The temporary fencing industry is fast-moving and competitive, meaning your business will benefit from appointing RapidFenceTM as its reliable supplier of fencing products.

Our ability to deliver orders within 24 hours in most states means your business transactions will remain seamless and hassle-free.

5. Unrivalled range of products

Our product range is unrivalled in Australia and internationally. Whatever your temporary fencing needs, the friendly and experienced teams at Rapid and Eastlink can suggest a fencing solution for you. We provide the highest quality:

  • fencing panels, feet, clamps and stays
  • pool fencing
  • crowd barriers
  • animal enclosures
  • shade cloth.