Fencing Panels and Feet

Fencing Panels

At Rapid Fence, we have temporary fence panel styles and types to suit all industries.

We always stay up-to-date continually improving, designing and manufacturing new products, and currently offer the following temp fence panels:

  • 2.4m chain wire
  • 2.4m welded mesh
  • 3.5m economy

Our flagship heavy-duty panels feature:

  • anti-climb mesh infill
  • 360° weld between vertical and horizontal pipe
  • horizontal pipe ends crimped for increased strength
  • above industry benchmark for galvanised thickness
Rubbish Cage

NEW! Rubbish cages

Brand new for 2012 are our rubbish cages. These lightweight portable cages, made of fencing panels, do not require a permit. They are the perfect alternative to traditional rubbish skips that are a nuisance to councils and the community.

Fencing Panels and Feet

Fencing feet

Rapid fence feet are made of blow-moulded plastic - robust and durable - and filled with concrete. Ideal for construction fencing, pool fencing and stays or bracing, we have two types of feet available:

1) One part foot

  • weighs 29kg
  • 600mm x 228mm x 150mm size
  • UV resistant anti-aging plastic

2) Two part foot

  • each part weighs only 16kg
  • interlocking secure base
  • UV resistant anti-aging plastic

Both types of feet do not leave concrete debris on playing fields or car parks, reducing environmental and safety issues.