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For All Your Temporary Fencing Needs

RapidFenceTM is a totally Australian owned Manufacturer of Temporary Fencing products with distribution centres throughout the country, RapidFenceTM offer fast, cost effective temporary fencing solutions to the Temp Fence Hire and Reseller industries

With kilometres of fencing in all our warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, RapidFenceTM offers the industry options when it comes to their fencing needs.

Help improve your business cash flow, by buying your fencing as you need it instead of waiting 60 days to have it shipped to you, RapidFenceTM can deliver within 24 hours in most states.

Our fences are designed and constructed to the highest Australian standards, to withstand the rigours of the hire industry. We test all our products to the highest standards and ensure our products are hard wearing.

A variety of products allow us to cater to your businesses exact requirements.

This enables us to deliver the best possible service, price and quality with no middle party intervention.

These combination of factors guarantee that RapidFenceTM is in a position to service all your temporary fencing requirements, quickly and in a cost effective way. This helps give you a competitive edge in this fast moving industry, using a quality, durable product.


Have time to spare?
We can offer direct container prices direct from our manufacturing company www.eastlinkmanufacturing.com to gain even greater savings.